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25 tips before you hit gym

Here are quick list of tips before you hit gym

1. Consult your doctor before hitting the gym. You might have a thyroid problem which may not let you loose weight no matter what you do. Also consult the doctor to know if you are ready to start pushing you body.
2. You are not superman, so don’t try to lift anything and everything you see at gym.
3. Your first day at gym should include only stretching and light aerobics.
4. As you start going to gym, your body will ask you for more food. Do not fall for it, if you start eating heavily you are not going to loose any weight.
5. Do lots of aerobics specially running and jumping ropes. Do your aerobics exercise at least for 30 minutes else you are not burning any fat.

6. Give your body time to recover. Do not be under the myth that if your exercise more you are going to loose more fat. You may end up burning your precious muscle.
7. Drink plenty of water when you exercise as your body looses lots of fluid.
8. Stay away from processed, dehydrate, canned food. They do not have any nutritional value.
9. Enter your workout schedule in a planner, this way you will be not be missing your schedules.
10. Try to socialize in gym, this will make your exercise routine more fun.
11. Get good pair shoes with socks.
12. Start your exercise with only after a stretch out session. Failing to do so may lead to injuries during the work out.
13. It will take at least a months time before you start seeing the changes in you.
14. Do not eat immediately after workout.
15. Do your work out with dedication, after all you are doing it for yourself.
16. Don’t do full body work out daily. Divide your work out schedule for the whole week start with chest, biceps, Shoulders, abs and legs.
17. Don’t shy to ask a trainer or senior on how to use any equipment in gym.
18. Keep the weights back, you don’t want to be hurting yourself.
19. Stay away from performance enhancers, supplements or steroids. Even if it is suggested by your trainer.
20. Remember this quote ” No Pain No Gain “. If possible get it printed on your t-shirt as it will motivate you to perform better in gym.
21. Wear your belts if you are lifting weight about your waist.
22. Check if you have locked the weights properly before lifting.
23. Have patience, if someone is using the equipment don’t bug him by standing behind and staring at him.
24. If at any time you are feeling tired and not able to do your workout or got injured stop your workout immediately.
25. Before leaving the gym make sure you take at least 15 minutes rest.

Hope you found these tips useful to get started with. These tips were only went for people who has never gone to gym before. With in your first month, you will improve your stamina and will be able to workout longer and better.

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